The 2016 Red My Lips Campaign in collaboration with Temple Group In line with our 2016 plan of action, we successfully collaborated with Temple Group as a warrior of the red My Lips Campaign which was connected to our projects in the pipeline which fall under the following Sustainable Development Goals : SDG number 16-Peace,

Objectives: To empower the young leaders of JCI Mauritius who serve on the National and Local Board of 2016 in order to provide them with the tools, support and materials needed to improve their leadership skills and knowledge to fulfill their respective role in their local organization. Overview: The 2016 JCI Mauritius Local and National

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Objective: The main objective of Personal Skills Development Programs is to help JCI members to become aware of their skills and/or enhance existing skills. Opportunities through the various types of trainings delivered enable members to be better equipped to become young active citizens working to create positive change.  JCI City Plus Art and Training Academy