2016 JCI Mauritius Local and National Officers Training

/ / Education and Economic Empowerment


To empower the young leaders of JCI Mauritius who serve on the National and Local Board of 2016 in order to provide them with the tools, support and materials needed to improve their leadership skills and knowledge to fulfill their respective role in their local organization.


The 2016 JCI Mauritius Local and National Officers Training was a 2 Days Training held on the 30th and 31st of January 2016. The trainings delivered on Day 1 were 2 hours courses as follows: Team Lead & Management conducted by 2008 JCI Executive Vice President Aruna Pulton, Good Governance done by 1992 JCI Mauritius National President Bruneau Woomed and Looking for sponsors by 2004 JCI Executive Vice President Henry Loo. The trainings delivered on Day 2 were: Negotiation Skills a three hours course conducted by 2016 JCI Mauritius Deputy National President Asha Auckloo, Grooming and Attracting Professional Members by 2013 Local President Antee (Ashveena) Mewa and Attracting Professional Members conducted by 2016 Executive Assistant to JCI Executive Vice President for Africa and Middle East.


There were 24 participants for Day 1 and 26 participants for Day 2 inclusive of all the 5 Local Presidents of JCI Mauritius for both days. We have had the opportunity to have 6 wonderful trainers including two senators who were on the International Level as JCI Executive Vice Presidents who shared their knowledge and experiences to inspire us to be better leaders hence create positive change in our community.


The 2016 JCI Mauritius Local and National Officers Training successfully achieved the objectives of conducting courses that are essential for the board members to fulfill their role as young leaders the more so that there were courses that revealed to be vital for some Local Organisations as their board consisted mostly of newly sworn in members. There was a good bonding as there were almost all the Local and National Board Members of JCI Mauritius which allowed us to think more thoroughly about the future of JCI Mauritius.