2016 Red My Lips Campaign

by / Friday, 01 April 2016 / Published in Education and Economic Empowerment

Red My Lips Campaign

The 2016 Red My Lips Campaign in collaboration with Temple Group

In line with our 2016 plan of action, we successfully collaborated with Temple Group as a warrior of the red My Lips Campaign which was connected to our projects in the pipeline which fall under the following Sustainable Development Goals :

  1. SDG number 16-Peace, Justice and strong Institutions:-
  • Children Awareness – Vulnerable Self Protection
  • Crime Prevention – Sexual Abuse
  1. SDG number 5-Gender Equality
  • End Violence Against Women


Red My Lips (RML) started out in 2012 in the US after rape victim Danielle Tansino found that her attack was met with friends, family and institutions blaming her rather than focusing on the perpetrator. Victim blaming attitudes are a key reason why so many perpetrator of assault go unpunished.

The Red My Lips campaign is a visual one which uses red lipstick as a statement against victim blaming.


1) Spread the message against victim blaming,

2) Challenge the idea that sexual violence is a gender issue. It is a human issue and affects men, women as well as children.

3) Encourage people to have a meaningful conversation on the subject.