Chrisinta Chavrimootoo (Local President), Preshan Kissoondoyal (Local Secretary), I’Doumben (Ben) Venkatakistnen (Local Treasurer), Gooshma Kissoondoyal (Local Vice President Community Development), Yan Jouan (Local Vice President Skills Development) and Jaya Mulloo (Immediate Past President)

Thank you 2021 JCI Vice President Yassine Jaouadi for your time, guidance and frank advice Such a pleasure to chat about our different cultures as well #globalchangemakersWe will continue to work to provide development opportunities to young citizens, to rebuild our economy and motivate the workforce #RiseInSynergy#developingleadersforachangingworld

We are very lucky to have high caliber members, Local President of JCI BeauBassin/RoseHillNabiil Bhankarally and Dr Vanisha Rajaysur who provided training to Curtin Mauritius students on CV writing and Interview skills. The participants learned a lot and we have no doubt they will succeed! #DevelopmentOpportunities#YouthEmpowerment#Skills#RiseInSynergy#workforcemotivation

It’s a wrap for our JCI Effective Communication courses series! 2 weekends, 5 trainers, enthusiastic local and international participants. This is what JCI is about: skills development, networking and #ActiveCitizens , despite Covid-19 Thank you to all the participants and trainers . Special congrats to our Grand Slammers who attended all 4 courses! #developingleadersforachangingworld#riseinsynergy

Extremely insightful session with JCI Past International Officers, Senators Marday Venkatasamy , Patrice Ferriere, Aruna Pulton, Ryad Subratty and Asha Auckloo on their journey! We are truly grateful for their continuous guidance and commitmentThank you JCI Mauritius for the initiative #internationalnetwork#grooming#developingleadersforachangingworld#RiseInSynergy

Humour Speech Training

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We ended the first quarter just as we started it: in high spirits! After the official reporting segment during our members’ meeting, we had a unique training on humorous speech by Local Treasurer Ben Naidu Venkatakistnen , with guest students from Curtin Mauritius Thank you to all the national board members, local board members, members,

On Tuesday 13 April 2021, JCI City Plus held an interactive forum with Entreprendre au Feminin Ocean Indien as part of the RISE oriented project Business Rise Up Series. The project spearheaded and presented by Lincoln Soobrayen, helped the various entrepreneurs who were present to brainstorm on the various problems they are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic

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On 31 March 2021, JCI City Plus in collaboration with JCI Mauritius held a forum where entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs brainstormed on how innovate during this difficult period due to COVID-19. A forum welcomed by many and which saw the presence of members from different chapters and also persons outside JCI.

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On 24 March 2021, our 2021 Local Vice-President Gooshma Kissoondoyal and 2016 Local President Chimene Dacruz-Valery delivered the JCI course Effective Leadership. A training which was indeed very effective which saw the attendance of members from different horizons. Well done!

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JCI Training: Networking

Saturday, 20 March 2021 by

On 20 March 2021, our 2021 National Vice-President Jaya Mulloo delivered the JCI networking course where she helped several members to be better equipped with the tools to enlarge their network within and outside JCI. A fruitful training indeed with very positive feedback from the attendees.

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12 March 2021 – Mauritius is in confinement but as active citizens, we could not stay idle and not celebrate our Independence Day and Republic Day. We connected online through the Zoom platform where we had a flag raising ceremony and a games night to build the synergy between the members.

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