About Junior Chamber International Mauritius

Junior Chamber International Mauritius (JCI Mauritius) originally known as Jeune Chambre Economique de Maurice (JCEM) was officially set up in 1980, operating as a French local chapter and won its affiliation with JCI at the 1984 World Congress in Montreal, Canada, with two chapters: Curepipe and Port Louis.

Since then three more Local Chapters have been affiliated. Today, JCI Mauritius has around 200 members and is recognised at national and international levels as a model Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO).

JCI is currently present in Mauritius as Junior Chamber International Mauritius and has 5 affiliated local chapters:

  1. JCI Beau-Bassin/Rose Hill
  2. JCI City Plus
  3. JCI Curepipe
  4. JCI Port Louis
  5. JCI Quatre Bornes

Building on local, national and international networks, we draw on the experience of JCI alumni who have succeeded in the various facets of life and who provide assistance when required. Representing countless occupations and skills, we are creative, bold leaders who are developing new skills, laying new foundations, and establishing new friendships and networks.

We believe in the advancement of the global community and the creation of positive change by improving ourselves and the world around us. We meet at local, national, and international events to exchange ideas and share best practices. We also learn from dynamic speakers and trainers at interesting and active seminars and presentations. We are growing personally and professionally because we are learning by doing, actively organizing projects and activities that benefit our communities and ourselves.

Many members of JCI Mauritius have served at top positions within JCI. Senators Marday Venkatasamy, Arnaud Godere, Clairette Ah Hen, Henry Loo Chin Moy and Patrice Ferriere have served as JCI Vice Presidents. Senator Henry Loo Chin Moy and Senator Aruna Pulton was JCI Executive Vice President in 2004 and 2008 respectively. Senator Arnaud Godere was also JCI Executive Vice President in 1992 and went on to reach the highest office in our organization, the World Presidency in 1994.

The Secretariat of JCI Mauritius is situated at 53 A, Ave des Goyaviers, Quatre Bornes.

2020 JCI Mauritius President: Miss Franchette Emilien

2020 JCI Executive Vice President assigned to Africa and Middle East: Asha Auckloo from JCI Mauritius

2020 Vice President for Africa and the Middle East assigned to Mauritius: Mohamad Hijazi from JCI Lebanon

2020 JCI Africa & Middle East Development Council (AMDEC) President: Harira Cisse from JCI Mali