2016 Aret Violence Awareness Campaign

by / Sunday, 16 October 2016 / Published in Education and Economic Empowerment

JCI City Plus is committed to keeping gender-based 14612614_10154210802628558_70611983820836681_oviolence in the spotlight as a major health and human rights concern & to promote gender equality and women empowerment which is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goal number 5: Gender Equality.

On 16th October, JCI City Plus in collaboration with Lions Club of Ebene had the privilege to do 3 sessions of awareness campaign at College La Confiance Cité Barkly.


The objectives of the 14570786_10154210862778558_8531345507309880593_oproject are to overcome the domestic violence by empowering the community in distress, to help the victims to voice out their feelings & bring forward cases without fearing any consequences, to gradually change the mindsets and cultural beliefs so that the old cultural guards pass away and the next generation takes over.


This project helped in educating the community about what is domestic violence, what are the signs, what are the causes and signs, what the effects on the family members as well as the children and teenagers. The project has helped in sensitizing the community on this 14700922_1075238169211599_3854354013552026652_omajor issue of the Mauritian Society and with the help of legal resource person, we had the opportunity to share with the attendees the legal aspect of domestic violence, what are the laws that exist to help those victims and we also shared with them some key entity and telephone numbers. Throughout the year, we have identified what are the improvements to be done to our awareness session hence this year we have created an informative pamphlet for the legal aspect.

2016 JCI City Plus Aret Violence Project Director Vanisha Rajaysur

Resources: Local Vice President Nitin Collappen, Local President Chimène Dacruz-Valery, Deputy National President Asha Auckloo, Member Varuna Govinden, Member Nidhi Sevransingh & Aspiring Member Elveena Essoo