2016 Active Citizen Framework Forum

by / Friday, 05 August 2016 / Published in Education and Economic Empowerment

Active Citizen Framework Forum with the NGO Movement Bien Être De Pointe A10ux Sables

On Friday 5th of August 2016, a forum on the Active Citizen Framework (‘ACF’) was organized with the NGO Movement Bien Être De Pointe Aux Sables in the region of Pointe Aux Sables which composed of multiple NGOs of the locality working together as one.

The Active Citizen Framework forum is a project organized for the purpose of sharing the methodology under the Active Citizen Framework to the NGOs in the region of Pointe Aux Sables and also to connect and gather the different partners in that region
under a single platform for assessing their local needs.

Not all NGOs in Mauritius have a concrete method for developing, executing and tracking their initiatives to ensure successful projects and sustainable solutions to problems.

The JCI Framework describes a methodology which has been tested and proved successfully over the years to create long-lasting positive change and measure our impact. Therefore, through this forum the people in the locality has not only been able to better understand how to analyze a need for a particular project and create a sustainable impact, but it was also a platform where our organization did find projects where we can work together and walk through the methodology along with them. This will train them for all their future projects.

The forum was a platform not only to share our methodology but also to gain a field experience on the local issues being faced by small NGOs and work along with them to promote sustainable impact. At the same time, we showcased JCI as an organization present to take responsibility of our communities and create a positive change in the world.

2016 JCI City Plus Project Director – Geetanjali Ramkishore