2016 Aret Violence – Name & Shame Campaign

by / Tuesday, 18 October 2016 / Published in Education and Economic Empowerment

Aret Violence – Name & Shame Campaignposter-name-and-shame

Domestic violence is the attempt by someone (men or women) to assume more power in the relationship, usually into violent norms. There exist 4 types of domestic violence, namely: Physical, emotional, sexual and economical violence.  What is very important is to identity who is the “victim” and also who is the “abuser“.

The statistics of 2015 has shown that the ones who are victims of domestic violence are majority women and kids.

Since Monday 10th October 2016 JCI CityPlus is hosting an awareness campaign under SDG 5 (Gender equality) “Name and Shame” to sensitize the whole population that if one believes in a cause, one should go for it and make it happen!

We will mainly use the platform of JCI City Plus facebook fan page and instagram to make postings which will consist of testimonials, bearing of videos, photos and quotes. Moreover, we will also upload the testimonials on Youtube.  Whilst we want to have a younger audience through social media, we are also present on the ground doing sensitizing sessions. 


We request you all to please give a LIKE to all the posts and also motivate you all to please SHARE the videos and testimonials at turn on your respective social medias/groups so that they can attain the maximum number of people.  The frequency of the posts will be each Mondays and Wednesdays.  We also encourage you to send us a small video clip done from your phone to let us know how you feel about the subject matter which we shall upload on facebook.

We firmly believe that our kick start initiative will make a real difference in combating for a positive change in our society.

You are all invited to join us in this noble cause to bring peace back in those people’s life. 

Let us altogether wipe off the tears in all those family and individuals, who are suffering. Let us comfort each and everyone that we are here for them by holding their hands and Let us put a FULL STOP by saying “ARET VIOLENCE”.

“Don’t be ashamed of your story, it will inspire others”…

2016 JCI City Plus Project Director – Vanisha Rajaysur