2017 JCI City Plus – Scuba Diving – Initiation Course

by / Wednesday, 01 February 2017 / Published in Education and Economic Empowerment, Projects and Activities

Scuba Diving – Initiation Course is an initiative of JCI City Plus. It took place on Saturday, 28 January 2017 at Centre de
Plongée Exploration sous-marine, Flic-en-Flac.


  • To explore the Indian Ocean in the west coast of Mauritius to understand its beauty and importance.
  • As global citizens, we have the mission to protect and preserve our ocean and what best way to do it than by experiencing it.
  • To foster team bonding.
  • To let go of the fear of the deep sea.

During the activity, the divers learnt to trust and appreciate people they hardly knew for they were completely dependent on each other. Most importantly, it facilitated the team bonding through fostering of genuine connections, understanding and trust.  The least known benefits of Scuba Diving were that it could actually improve your health. Breathing through the mouth instead of the nose in fact works the lungs much more. Moreover, it acted as a strength training and cardio since they had to work against the weight of water. The whole point of the sport was to test your limits, get your adrenaline going, and give you an experience that you will never forget. After all, scuba diving is fun!