Children’s Awareness Campaign – Copybook Project

by / Friday, 22 February 2013 / Published in UN MDG

Nowadays, back covers of copybooks are mostly used to brand products. However, to follow the line of thought of yesteryears where basic mathematical formulations and tables were printed on back covers of copybooks to help and assist children in their learning process, our very first initiative was to pass on messages in relation to health & sports and encourage children and youngsters to develop an active lifestyle. After reflection though, the project team decided that we should extend the project to sensitise youngsters on environmental protection, hazardous & road safety measures as well. Furthermore, the idea of using comic strips was brought forward as a perfect get on to illustrate our objectives.

The project was sponsored by MTML Mauritius Ltd which found the campaign very innovative and an opportunity to contribute to the betterment of children of Mauritius. The sponsorship enabled us to make 5000 copies which are to be distributed in primary schools and charitable institutions. The distribution of copybooks will be supported by interactive sessions with the students to better impart the different themes.

The launching of this particular JCI City Plus Children Awareness Campaign Copybook Project was made during the visit of 2013 JCI Vice President Nana Kow Acquaye at St Nicholas Grammar School in Phoenix on the 22nd of February 2013 in the presence of Mr Sanjay Garg CEO of MTML Mauritius Ltd. A big thanks to the team members Yudhish, Shreya, Kris, Asha, Ganeshwaree, Disha, Vishaan, Harsha, Ashveena, who worked hard throughout in making this project possible. We thank MTML Mauritius Ltd for believing in this project.