2016 An Opportunity to Impact to Inspire

by / Saturday, 19 March 2016 / Published in Activities

As part of our Recruitment strategy, An Opportunity to Impact to Inspire session was held on the 24th February 2016 at Lambic, Conference Room which highlighted the main concepts that describe JCI as an organization. The presentation uses videos, achievements of JCI’s history and plans for JCI’s future to present the organization as an opportunity to create sustainable impact in local communities around the world. The presentation was designed to serve both as an aspiring member orientation, informational presentation to potential members.

The objectives were:

  • To introduce and give an overview of JCI as an organization committed to taking local action that creates sustainable impact around the globe.
  • To inspire young people with the original vision of JCI and the current beliefs and philosophies to recruit potential members
  • To present an array of JCI’s sustainable impact through the lens of the Active Citizen Framework
  • To describe how engagement with JCI means an opportunity to enable local communities to achieve sustainable impact
  • To create an environment in which people are motivated to create positive change

The Opportunity to Impact to Inspire session successfully achieved the objectives of providing the participants with an overview of what is JCI as well as what do we do at JCI City Plus as well as in the other local organisation. The more so that they had the opportunity to discuss with the 2016 JCI Mauritius National President Yudhish Rama as well as the 2016 JCI Mauritius Deputy National President Asha Auckloo together with the Local Board Members of JCI City Plus who were all present to respond to their queries.